2015 Prudential Productivity Award winners announced

By on March 31, 2015

2015 Prudential ProductivityThe Prudential Productivity Awards, an annual event honoring state government employees throughout Florida, has announced its winners for 2015, including the following individual and teams from the University of Florida.

This year’s competition attracted more than 500 nominations for innovation and productivity improvements. Over the past 26 years, award winners have produced more than $9 billion in cost savings/avoidance or efficiency gains for Florida taxpayers and businesses.
The individuals and team awardees from UF identified as 2015 winners are:

2015 Prudential Productivity_ greenhouse heater2Greenhouse Heater Installation Team, Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) Facilities Planning & Operations
Cash Award
Performed Greenhouse Heater Installations
Team Members: Edward Sheridan, Barry Starling, Clarence Chelette, Rob Fagan, Daniel Weiland, Richard Wenzel, Michael Ott, Michael Wigglesworth

Rebekah Rodgers, Senior Secretary, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Increased Efficiency and Saved College Over $700 Annually

Ped-I-Care Management and Executive Team, Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine
Saved the State of Florida $70,000,000 in 11 years
Team Members: Nancy Giunta, John Nackashi, Kati Breton, Jennifer Barry, Marc Grasley, Leslie Herndon, Heidi Saliba

Kati Breton, Assistant Director for Network and Contracting, Pediatric Integrated Care (Ped-I-Care), College of Medicine
Saved the State of Florida $57,800 per Year

Brian Stanton, Program Assistant, Department of Aging and Geriatric Research,
College of Medicine

Saved UF Money for Unused Charges

For more information about this awards program, please visit the Prudential Productivity Awards section of the HRS website or contact UF’s agency coordinator, Kenya Williams, via email or at (352) 273-1761.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!