UF On Target announces new TEAMS class specifications and workshop

By on September 1, 2015

New On TargetTo more fully support UF supervisors, administrators, and staff through the implementation of the UF On Target Classification Project, a new TEAMS Titles website — with job families, series, titles, and detailed descriptions/specifications — has been established and will continue to be developed as the project unfolds. Designed to serve as a launching pad for managers and campus HR representatives to identify which new titles should be used in their areas, the new web site provides information about expected next steps to be taken by work units across campus as well as more detailed time frames in the FAQ section. The site also features specific information intended to support campus HR reps and supervisors as they begin the process of identifying the new titles for employees in their area.

The Project

Sponsored by the Office of Human Resource Services, the UF On Target project is designed to identify job titles for TEAMS employees that more accurately reflect what they do. Because UF’s classification system is out of date, job titles cannot be unilaterally updated by the Classification and Compensation team.  Instead, HR representatives in various colleges and work units, working in concert with their area’s managers, will be asked to choose from among the new job titles and recommend which of the On Target titles should be used for employees in their areas.  After review of these job title recommendations by the Classification and Compensation team (using position descriptions on file in myUFL as the point of comparison), TEAMS employees are expected to start using their new titles throughout January into early February.

To learn more about the project, including how this process is expected to work, please visit the UF On Target website for a project timeline, answers to frequently asked questions, resources, and more. If you have questions or feedback, please email ontarget@ufl.edu.  In addition, recordings from the seven town hall meetings held over the summer are now available online.

Workshop for HR Contacts

Human Resource Services has designed a workshop to help HR managers and representatives prepare to assist with the UF On Target project. The workshop has been scheduled for Sept. 18, 1:30 to 3:00 p.m., in room 120 of the HR building. You may attend by registering today for the “HR Managers Information Session” via the myTraining system.
This session is designed to briefly explain the project, provide project plan dates/milestones, clarify expectations for campus HR managers and representatives given their roles at the college/unit level, demonstrate resources, and answer questions about the project.

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