Spotlight on Leadership: A Tale of Two Cindies

By on September 1, 2015

spotlight-on-leadership1The Leadership Toolkit is designed to provide you with tools to enhance the leadership qualities you already possess, while cultivating new strengths through education and training. Included on this website are job aids, video/audio podcasts, and suggested readings.  These resources will assist your efforts in being a better manager and leader and are available whenever you need them.

This month’s featured podcast: A Tale of Two “Cindies”: Four Disciplines to Help You Achieve Your Most Important Goals

Has your organization ever created a goal that never came to fruition?  Has your team ever returned from a retreat or strategic planning session with lots of great ideas—only to have those ideas sit in a filing cabinet?  Has your team ever worked toward a goal and completely missed the mark?  Why does this happen?  Why is it so hard to get things done?

In this podcast, Scott Blades, M.Ed., assistant director of UF Training & Organizational Development, explores The Four Disciplines of Execution and brings the book’s lessons to life by juxtaposing the impact of two fictional leaders: Cindy Hay and Cindy Bea.  Follow these two professionals to work and learn the difference the four disciplines can make in increasing a team’s ability to achieve its most important goals.

Research-based and entertaining, this podcast invites you to consider a new “operating system” for your team by focusing on wildly important goals, acting on lead measures, keeping a compelling scoreboard, and creating a cadence of accountability.

In the event the above embedded player doesn’t work for you, the direct link for the podcast episode is here.