ALEX virtual benefits counselor brings a new spin to exploring benefits at UF

Beginning this fall, exploring your benefits options at UF will have a different look and feel. UFHR is pleased to present ALEX, an online, virtual benefits counselor designed to make exploring and choosing the best benefits options for you and your family less of a chore.

Rather than sifting through the many plans available to UF employees, ALEX presents a series of questions, all in plain English, which will guide you through the options and to the plan that is best for you and yours.

While aimed at new hires as well as faculty and staff making changes to their benefits during open enrollment in the fall, ALEX can help anyone at the University of Florida become more informed about the benefits choices that are best for them.

Not sure how to answer or need to learn more? No worries. ALEX will often be able to take the time to explain how a plan works, in easy to understand, relatable (and sometimes funny) language.

Too busy to think about your benefits? Going through conversations with ALEX doesn’t take that long, and you can pick and choose which specific benefits you’d like to discuss.

Don’t want to think about benefits at work? No problem. You can do it from home, on your phone or tablet, or anywhere you have an internet connection. The ALEX tool is optimized for mobile and will work on virtually any device.

Is it safe to use ALEX? Absolutely. ALEX doesn’t retain any of your information whatsoever. If you choose to provide your email address, it’s only to give you the option of rejoining your conversation where you left off, if you have to leave for some reason. Your interactions with ALEX are completely anonymous.

ALEX will be available beginning in August. Watch your inbox and UF at Work for more details.

Choosing your benefits at UF is about to get a lot easier, thanks to ALEX.