Meet ALEX, your personalized benefits counselor

Online tool launches in August

It’s no secret that choosing your benefits at the University of Florida can be complicated. UF is a complex institution, and there are a myriad of plans from which to choose.

In an effort to simplify the benefits election process for new employees, as well as to make Open Enrollment less stressful for current employees, UFHR is introducing this new online tool for anyone who wants a better understanding of the comprehensive benefits offered at UF.

Through a series of easy, intuitive questions, ALEX walks employees through benefits offerings and is able to suggest appropriate plans based on your answers.

This casual, sometimes humorous, approach to explaining benefits plans at UF is a change from the overly detailed explanations that you usually get. It is UFHR’s hope that a conversation with ALEX will educate participants while helping them make sound, informed decisions about their health and retirement. You might even learn something new!

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn about your benefits from someone who will talk to you in plain English with less jargon
  • Get recommendations of which benefits options you may wish to choose based on your personal situation
  • Review your benefits options at home (or anywhere else there’s an internet connection) so you can include your spouse or partner and family members

What about your information?

While ALEX is interactive and web-based, the tool does not ask for any personally identifying data. None of your information is saved or collected by the ALEX tool. When Alex asks for your email address, it’s optional and only requested in order to make it possible to rejoin the conversation later if you’re unable to finish in one sitting. Your email address is not used for any marketing purposes.

How can you get started?

ALEX will launch next month. Keep an eye on UF at Work and your inbox for more specific dates and information.

In the meantime, get to know ALEX a little better by watching this video.