Avoiding fraud during Open Enrollment—and throughout the year

The recent Equifax data breach as well as the rise in phishing targeting UF email accounts remind us all of the need to be extra careful when updating, sharing or accessing protected information. Employees are encouraged to be especially vigilant during Open Enrollment for phishing attempts by email and by telephone.

Recent phishing campaigns targeting UF faculty and staff have shown an increasing sophistication, posing a threat to UF and our employees. Employees have also recently reported receiving phone calls from callers posing as health insurers who attempt to glean personal data by telephone.

What can you do?

  • To protect yourself, remember to never give personal information over the telephone unless you initiated the call and are certain you reached the correct telephone number.
  • Never send Social Security numbers by email.
  • Contact your insurer directly if you are uncertain whether a call or email is genuine. Your insurer can be reached at the telephone number on your insurance ID card.
  • Before clicking a link in an email, place the mouse pointer over the link and inspect the web address the link goes to. If you are suspicious of the web address, do not click on it.
  • Report phishing attempts by forwarding suspicious emails to abuse@ufl.edu.
  • Never share your Gatorlink credentials and/or password via email.

Want to learn more? UFIT will offer two cybersecurity workshops on Oct. 12. For more information and to register, please visit the UFIT website.