Double-check your benefits elections for 2021

While it’s always a good practice to double-check your benefits deductions from time to time throughout the year, it’s especially important to ensure any changes you made during the annual open enrollment period are reflected on your December and January payroll statements. Deductions for the 2021 calendar year began with the Dec. 4 paycheck.

Premiums for State of Florida-sponsored plans are deducted from your paycheck one month in advance, with the exception of flex spending accounts. Your 2021 premiums — including health, basic and optional life, dental, vision, etc. — will be reflected on your Dec. 4 and 18 paychecks for January coverage. No benefit deductions will appear on the Dec. 31 paycheck because it is the third paycheck of the month.

If you made changes during this year’s open enrollment period, you can also view your confirmation statement online by logging in to People First and selecting the “Insurance Benefits” box, then selecting “Confirmation Statement.”

Please note that premiums for UF-sponsored plans, which include UFSelect and GatorCare, are not collected in advance, but are collected within the month of coverage. Deductions for 2021  coverage for these plans will begin on the Jan. 15 and 29 paychecks.

Be sure to review all of your deductions carefully. If you have switched between a UF-sponsored plan and a state-sponsored plan, be especially sure to look for any deductions that may represent duplicate enrollments. If you have questions about deductions for your benefits, please contact UFHR Benefits at (352) 392-2477 or as soon as possible.