GatorGradCare spring/summer enrollment deadline is Jan. 30

The enrollment deadline for spring/summer GatorGradCare health insurance is Jan. 30. The spring/summer GatorGradCare enrollment period is only for the following students:

  • New Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants on appointment (.25 FTE or greater) with the University of Florida
  • Returning GAs, TAs and RAs (.25 FTE or greater) on appointment who did not enroll in annual coverage for the 2017-2018 academic year

Spring/summer GatorGradCare coverage is effective Jan. 1. GatorGradCare enrollment is not automatic; GAs must enroll by the Jan. 30 deadline in order to participate in the plan, even if their GA job is not yet in the UF system. No enrollments can be accepted after the enrollment deadline.

Students may visit the GatorGradCare section of the HRS website for eligibility criteria, plan information and the link to the enrollment site. For assistance with inquiries regarding enrollment or eligibility, please contact the GA Benefits Office at (352) 392-0003 or email