Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment Runs Oct. 1 – 31

sick-leave-poolQualifying University of Florida employees may apply for membership in the Sick Leave Pool during its open enrollment period, Oct. 1—31. All applications must be received by the Sick Leave Pool administrator in the UF Benefits office by 5 p.m. on Oct. 31. Open enrollment for the Sick Leave Pool is a separate process from Benefits’ Open Enrollment and has its own deadlines.

The University of Florida’s Sick Leave Pool enables participating employees to combine a portion of their individually accrued sick leave for collective use. Members of the Sick Leave Pool may draw upon the pool—with approval from the Sick Leave Pool Committee—when all individually accrued leave hours have been depleted due to personal, not family, catastrophic injury or illness.

All faculty, TEAMS and USPS employees who earn sick leave are eligible to participate in the Sick Leave Pool. Employees must have a minimum balance of 64 hours of sick leave to  join. The minimum sick leave balance requirement is pro-rated for part-time employees.

Once the membership application is approved, employees will contribute eight hours of sick leave to the Sick Leave Pool through automatic deduction from their balances. This is a one-time contribution of eight hours unless the total available hours in the pool drops below the minimum level set by the Sick Leave Pool Policy.

Applications for membership may be obtained at any human resources satellite office or online. Current members of the Sick Leave Pool do not need to rejoin.

If you are not sure whether you are a member of the Sick Leave Pool, you may check your status in My Self Service > Benefits > Benefits Summary.

If you see the following, you are currently a member of the Sick Leave Pool and do not need to re-apply:

sickYou may also verify membership in the Sick Leave Pool in the Leave and Compensatory Time Balances section of the Timesheet (My Self Service > Time Reporting > Report time > Timesheet).

For more information, please visit the Sick Leave Pool section of the HRS website or contact Leave Administration at (352) 392-2477, or