Signing up for a state-sponsored supplemental plan?

Published: November 2, 2016 7:45 am

signing-up-for-state-supplementalSome of the supplemental plans offered during Open Enrollment require medical underwriting and/or application, and enrollment is subject to approval by the supplemental insurance company. These include plans offered through:
Colonial – All plans require a People First enrollment and company application as well as contact with an agent. Plans include:

  • Short-Term Disability
  • Accident
  • Cancer
  • Cancer/Intensive Care

Capital – All plans require a People First enrollment and company application as well as contact with an agent. Plans include:

  • CHLIC Hospital
  • AFLAC Cancer & Intensive Care

State Securities – Require a People First enrollment and company application. Plans include:

  • New Era hospital

Securian (formerly Minnesota Life) – Optional Life – Requires a People First enrollment and medical application, as indicated below. Optional Life provides coverage levels up to seven times your salary or a million dollars, whichever amount is less.

  • No Medical Application required if you are already enrolled in optional life and you want to increase by only one level of salary, provided that the coverage amount does not exceed $500,000.
  • Medical Applications are required if you are not currently enrolled; you want to increase by more than one multiple of your salary; or you request five times your salary (exceeding $500,000) or you apply for six or seven times your salary.

Enrolling in a supplemental plan

When enrolling in a supplemental plan, please be sure you have completed the steps below:

  • Contacted the appropriate plan agent
  • Enrolled online via People First
  • Completed a company application. Applications must be mailed to the appropriate company.

Failure to complete all parts of the process may cause your enrollment to be denied. Brochures and forms may be downloaded from the myFlorida benefits website under the Forms and Resources section.  Some brochures contain the medical application, with others requiring you to contact the agent or supplemental company.

Questions? Please contact University Benefits at (352) 392-2HRS, email, or visit your nearest HRS satellite office for assistance.


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