Wondering if emails related to your state benefits are legitimate?

Beginning this Friday, the State of Florida’s Department of Management Services, or DMS, will be emailing a survey to 25,000 randomly selected employees. The email will point employees to a Survey Monkey survey asking them to rate their level of satisfaction with People First, the State of Florida’s benefits administrator. While you are encouraged to share your feedback, participation in the survey is optional, should you receive it.

Recently, some UF employees have received emails from Public Employee Retirement Assistance, or PERA, a third-party organization that facilitates meetings between state-licensed representatives and public employees. While these emails are legitimate — PERA purchased the list of employees from the State of Florida’s Division of Retirement — use of this service is at your own risk. You can always contact the Division of Retirement directly, toll-free, at (844) 377-1888 to speak to a representative. If you have questions about the legitimacy of emails relating to your benefits you are receiving, please feel free to reach out to the UF Benefits team at benefits@ufl.edu for verification.