Year-end vacation leave conversion slated for this month

The annual vacation leave conversion process will take place at the end of the pay period covering Dec. 29 to Jan. 11. Vacation hours exceeding the annual maximum will automatically be converted into sick leave balance. The annual vacation maximums are as follows:

  • TEAMS and vacation-accruing faculty members who are not in the UFF collective bargaining unit may have a maximum vacation balance of 352 hours.
  • Vacation-accruing faculty members covered by the UFF bargaining unit may have a maximum balance of 480 hours.
  • USPS employees may have a maximum vacation balance of 240 hours.

Note: Vacation leave accrual for the Dec. 29 to Jan. 11 pay period will be included in the conversion.

To view your most recent vacation leave balance in myUFL, please navigate to: My Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > UF Leave History. You may also see your vacation leave balances in: My Self Service > Benefits > Manage Leave Accruals > Review Accrual Balances.

Any vacation leave taken on or before Jan. 11, must be reported in the Elapsed Timesheet screen before the conversion. Vacation leave taken after Jan. 11, should be reported after the conversion occurs.

Questions? Contact Leave Administration at (352) 392-2477 or