New online training explores multicultural identities and allyship

UF’s Counseling and Wellness Center recently released an online training aimed at expanding understanding of multicultural identities and how to act as an ally for traditionally underrepresented or oppressed groups.

BAM, or Best Allyship Movement, is an hour-long, multi-part awareness training broken into four learning modules:

  • Awareness of multicultural identities
  • Privilege vs. oppression
  • How oppression hurts everyone
  • What is allyship and skills for being an ally

One of the ideas behind the training is that through awareness of our own various social identities (race, gender, world view, ability status, sexual orientation, social class, etc.), we can nourish all the parts of us that make us unique. In turn, we are more likely to connect with, and understand those that are different from us.

The training also explores the nature and benefits of allyship. An ally is a person who belongs to a dominant group and takes action to challenge the status quo and promote inclusiveness and social justice.

Both the online training and a short preview video are available on the Counseling and Wellness Center website.