Career Progression Program advances latest participants

The Career Progression Program (CPP) in UF Facilities Services held a certificate presentation ceremony on Nov. 17 to recognize individuals that have completed specific levels of training in their trade area.

The program trains UF employees in a variety of trades, including HVAC, plumbing, industrial maintenance, carpentry, electrical and more. The program was launched in 2011 and all new Facilities Services employees whose trades are currently supported by CPP are entered into the program.

“The achievement of these employees represents their dedication to their trade, their training and their shops,” said John Rouse, education and training coordinator for the Career Progression Program. “As the employees continue to train in their fields, the University of Florida Facilities Services Division becomes more efficient, more knowledgeable and better able to serve our customers at UF.”

Honored guests in attendance during the ceremony included UF Vice President for Business Affairs Curtis Reynolds, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Services Mark Helms, Facilities Services Directors Gregg Clarke and Dustin Jackson, and the Facilities Services HR team.

Below are the certificate recipients, with their trade areas and levels of certification:

Benjamin Nichols, Level 2
Christopher Russell, Level 2
Joey Shaw, Level 3

Marty Adkins, Journeyman
Travis Brock, Journeyman
Paul Eagle, Journeyman
Chris Keane, Journeyman
Paul Ramsey, Journeyman
Charles Zimmerman, Journeyman

Charles Goodman, Journeyman

Imanuel Lopez, Level 1
Cody Pate, Level 1
Robbie Rossano, Level 1
Kris Junior, Level 2
James McGraw, Level 2
Noah Parrish, Level 2
John Campana, Level 3
Laurence Cotman, Level 3
Keith Feagle, Level 3
Marcus Frizzell, Level 3
Ramahn Henderson, Level 3
Matthew Hodges, Level 3
George (Andy) Kennan, Level 3
Erick Minter, Level 3

Brandon (Levi) Boals, Level 1
Howard Jones, Level 1
Toby Long, Level 1
Ivan Thompson, Level 1
Todd Miller, Level 2
Timothy Roberts, Level 2
Brent Durstine, Level 3
James Pierson, Level 3

Jared Davis, Level 2
Erick Burch, Level 3
Stephen Morales, Level 3
Joshua Dyess, Certified Plus

Mark Paschall, Level 1
Joseph Penney, Level 1
Terrance Hathorn, Level 2
Adrian Robinson, Level 2
Joshua Washington, Level 2
Billy Harrison, Level 3
Paul Mathews, Level 3
Britton Fletcher, Level 4