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Financial planning services just steps away

Fidelity Investments recently opened an office in The Gainesville Innovation District dedicated to its UF clientele.

Don’t miss important updates — review your contact information to stay current

If you’ve recently moved, gotten married or experienced any other changes that affect your emergency contacts or beneficiaries, be sure to update your information in the myUFL system. By keeping your information up-to-date, you can ensure you receive important information that affects your health and well-being while avoiding additional challenges in the event of a crisis.

Meet with a Fidelity representative on the UF campus

UF faculty and staff located in Gainesville can now get financial advice from expert Fidelity consultants right on campus.

More than 100 children of TEAMS employees receive HEO scholarship

UFHR recently awarded 127 eligible TEAMS employees’ children the Higher Education Opportunity, or HEO, scholarship.

Get year-round tuition assistance through the Employee Education program

UF’s Employee Education Program, or EEP, is a UF-funded benefit designed to provide full-time TEAMS, Academic Personnel and USPS employees with tuition assistance.

Explore ways you can save for the future

Interested in learning more about how to maximize your savings? Check out the following opportunities.

Florida Prepaid helps you save for your child’s future

The Florida Prepaid and the Florida Investment 529 Plans offer affordable ways to save for your child’s future college expenses.

Wondering if emails related to your state benefits are legitimate?

Recently, some UF employees have received emails from third-party organizations that facilitate meetings between state-licensed retirement representatives and public employees.

It’s tax time — Be on the lookout for W-2 and 1095 forms

By now you should be able to access your W-2 form in myUFL or the ONE.UF application, or you should soon be receiving it in the mail if you did not give consent to access it electronically.

Sharpen your financial skills with these upcoming webinars

Whether retirement is just around the corner or a few years away, it’s important to plan for this milestone.

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