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AI helps create better, simpler hepatitis, COVID-19 tests

UF scientists have used AI tools to simplify a test that works for both hepatitis C and SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

UF partners on NSF-funded National AI Research Institute focused on STEM learning

The National Science Foundation announced today that it has selected a team of scientists to lead a $20 million institute to advance artificial intelligence to promote STEM education.

Building ethics in AI at UF panel

What does a commitment to ethical AI mean for UF researchers and teachers?

Celebrate UF’s AI Days

Faculty, staff and students are invited to participate in immersive events dedicated to all things AI, Oct. 26–28.

College of Medicine offers new artificial intelligence track for Ph.D. students

Thanks to the Emerging Research Scholars-AI Ph.D. Program, the newest group of Ph.D. candidates at the College of Medicine can now collaborate with some of the university’s preeminent researchers.

UF researchers to study integration of AI in middle schools through NLP

UF researchers were recently awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to explore how to integrate AI learning into middle school science through natural language processing, or NLP.

How to double food production by 2050

UF/IFAS Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources J. Scott Angle, Ph.D., published an opinion piece in The Hill discussing how agriculture is embracing artificial intelligence technology with the goal of innovating and doubling food production by 2050.

SynGatorTron™ to speed medical research, alleviate privacy worries

A team of UF researchers is rolling out the AI model SynGatorTron™, which generates synthetic patient data untraceable to real patients.

Explore upcoming AI events

Interested in learning how UF departments are using artificial intelligence? Register for any of these upcoming events that will explore ways to integrate AI into the curriculum and the novel challenges AI poses to societal norms and values.

UF announces Artificial Intelligence Academic Initiative Center

In its latest step to promote artificial intelligence (AI) and data science — and in an effort to integrate AI across the curriculum — UF recently announced it will create an Artificial Intelligence Academic Initiative Center.

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