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UF AI for Science Bootcamp applications due Oct. 6

In partnership with NVIDIA and OpenACC, UF is hosting a one-day online AI Bootcamp on Saturday, Oct. 23.

UF Health academic hub aims to advance AI in the health sciences

As part of UF’s Artificial Intelligence, or AI, initiative, UF Health is creating an academic hub to advance AI in the health sciences, grounded in the values of community, trustworthiness, diversity, equity and inclusion. To advance this goal, UF Health is seeking faculty to join the university’s growing community of researchers and clinicians developing and applying AI methods in health care delivery, biomedical discovery, and public and population health. 

Empowering women in HPC and AI

o strengthen the engagement of women involved in AI and supercomputing teaching and research, UF recently launched its chapter of Women in High Performance Computing, or WHPC.

Interdisciplinary collaborations fueled by AI are transforming research at UF

For its Summer 2021 issue of Explore magazine, UF Research shined a spotlight on AI faculty research and how it has expanded cross-campus collaborations, helping to transform UF’s academic and research landscape.

UF researchers use AI to develop precision dosing for treatment aimed at preventing dementia

UF researchers studying the use of a noninvasive brain stimulation treatment paired with cognitive training have found the therapy holds promise as an effective, drug-free approach for someday warding off Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Yet determining optimal dosing for the treatment known as transcranial direct current stimulation, or tDCS, has been a challenge because […]