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How to double food production by 2050

UF/IFAS Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources J. Scott Angle, Ph.D., published an opinion piece in The Hill discussing how agriculture is embracing artificial intelligence technology with the goal of innovating and doubling food production by 2050.

SynGatorTron™ to speed medical research, alleviate privacy worries

A team of UF researchers is rolling out the AI model SynGatorTron™, which generates synthetic patient data untraceable to real patients.

Explore upcoming AI events

Interested in learning how UF departments are using artificial intelligence? Register for any of these upcoming events that will explore ways to integrate AI into the curriculum and the novel challenges AI poses to societal norms and values.

UF announces Artificial Intelligence Academic Initiative Center

In its latest step to promote artificial intelligence (AI) and data science — and in an effort to integrate AI across the curriculum — UF recently announced it will create an Artificial Intelligence Academic Initiative Center.

UF earns grant to teach middle schoolers how to use AI to identify fossils

A team from the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute, the College of Education and the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering will partner with the Calvert Marine Museum on a three-year, $1.3 million project to teach Florida middle school teachers and students how to use artificial intelligence to identify fossil shark teeth.

Register for the Spring 2022 HiPerGator Symposium

Hosted by the UF Information Technology Research Computing office, the Spring 2022 HiPerGator Symposium will take place virtually on March 24.

UF selected to help develop national AI curriculum with focus on ethics

UF joins a select group of institutions nationwide in a new National Humanities Center initiative to design college-level curriculum that explores how to develop and deploy ethical artificial intelligence technologies.

With support from Google, faculty from 15 universities in the center’s “Responsible AI” program will create and implement courses that help students think through the ways in which AI technologies are integrated into everyday life and how to design AI that fosters equity across business, government and society.

UF/IFAS researchers creating an AI connoisseur

UF/IFAS breeder and geneticist Marcio Resende, Ph.D., wants to create what he calls an “Artificial Intelligence Connoisseur,” a model that tells researchers which chemical compounds produce the best fruit flavors. 

Explore research training opportunities

UF Information Technologies has released its spring HiPerGator training schedule, which features more than 30 training sessions to aid UF’s research community.

UF AI for Science Bootcamp applications due Oct. 6

In partnership with NVIDIA and OpenACC, UF is hosting a one-day online AI Bootcamp on Saturday, Oct. 23.

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