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CxUF Proposal deadline and upcoming info sessions

The deadline to submit proposals for the CxUF conferences is June 1 at midnight.

CxUF proposal assistance info sessions

UF leaders — including faculty, staff, and business and research administrators — are invited to submit proposals to the Connected by UF conference by June 1.

Webinar to delve into UF’s youth compliance policies

Assistant Director of Youth Compliance Sophia Andrews will present in the next UF Compliance and Ethics Learn over Lunch series on May 23.

Neurodiversity in the workplace

Register for Neurodiversity in the Workplace, on June 2 at 9 a.m., to learn how neurological differences can strengthen your workplace.

Building a community of practice with the ALAP program

Find out how the ALAP program helped Thiyagarajah become a more effective leader at the University of Florida.

What can the humanities teach us about good mentorship?

Dr. Maria LaMonaca Wisdom will discuss how humanistic inquiry might help us think about effective mentorship practices for both graduate students and junior faculty in the 21st-century university.

How the UF Academy helped a leader build a cross-campus network

Find out how the UF Academy helped Stedman expand her understanding of UF while building a network of cross-campus leaders.

How ALAP became a “life-changing” program for a UF leader

Find out how the ALAP program gave Christopher Adin, DVM, the tools and intercollegiate network needed to thrive in his leadership role.

How the Managers Cohort boosted a new leader’s skills

Patricia Jordan’s increased supervisory duties motivated her to participate in UF Training and Organizational Development’s Managers Cohort leadership program.

Apply now for 2023-24 leadership development programs

Faculty and staff are invited to apply for the 2023-24 UF Academy, Advanced Leadership for Academics and Professionals, and the Managers Cohort programs.

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