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UF team joins national study of brain development in infants, children

UF is one of a network of institutions selected to implement the National Institutes of Health’s HEALthy Brain and Child Development Study.

Apply for 2022 Prize for Research in Public Interest Communications

The Center for Public Interest Communications welcomes entries for the Prize for Research in Public Interest Communications (frank prize) now through Dec. 1.

Proposal support available for researchers

The UFIT team is available to work with UF researchers seeking support with sponsored funding proposals.

Washing Away History panel discussions

The Resilience: Black Heritage in St. Augustine project is a year-long celebration of the history and culture of Black Americans living and working in St. Augustine.

Help reduce bird collision deaths

Cities across the U.S. are hosting ‘Lights Out’ campaigns that encourage building managers and residents to reduce light pollution during birds’ spring and fall migrations. 

Harnessing the power of music to cope with stress

Looking for ways to reduce stress? In a recent UF News article, Ferol Carytsas shared six tips that can help you harness the power of music to cope with stress. 

Strategies to combat public speaking nerves

In a recent Warrington College of Business video, Management Communication Center Director Rachel Slivon, Ph.D., discussed seven strategies to combat public speaking nerves. You can can check out the video on YouTube.

UF Health academic hub aims to advance AI in the health sciences

As part of UF’s Artificial Intelligence, or AI, initiative, UF Health is creating an academic hub to advance AI in the health sciences, grounded in the values of community, trustworthiness, diversity, equity and inclusion. To advance this goal, UF Health is seeking faculty to join the university’s growing community of researchers and clinicians developing and applying AI methods in health care delivery, biomedical discovery, and public and population health. 

Empowering women in HPC and AI

o strengthen the engagement of women involved in AI and supercomputing teaching and research, UF recently launched its chapter of Women in High Performance Computing, or WHPC.

What is the Moon Festival? A scholar of Chinese religions explains

Considered one of most important traditional festivals in the Chinese calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival, is celebrated this year on Sept. 21.

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