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NBD lab seeking volunteers for NIH-funded study

The Neurocognitive and Behavioral Development, or NBD lab is recruiting individuals with and without a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder for study.

IC3 researchers to transform patient care, education through new technology

Health systems across the nation may soon be able to simulate patient care at the bedside, thanks to cutting-edge tools being developed by leading clinical artificial intelligence researchers at the University of Florida.

Rob Ferl leads National Academies panel on future of space research

UF professor Rob Ferl, Ph.D., has spent his career working with NASA to understand what happens to Earth’s living organisms on the journey to space.

UF research spending up 15% to record $1.25 billion

UF faculty conducted a record $1.25 billion in research in fiscal year 2023, a nearly 15% increase over 2022.

UF researcher studies Florida’s microclimates

Yi Luo, Ph.D., assistant professor in UF’s College of Design, Construction and Planning, is working to make cities feel less scorching.

Is Florida’s rental market really cooling off?

National reports indicate that rent growth is declining and the market is shifting in tenants’ favor.

Study uncovers gut bacteria differences in children who later develop juvenile idiopathic arthritis

A study conducted by UF scientists and researchers in Sweden has shown that gut bacteria differences are associated with later development of juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Racing to diagnose Chagas disease, a silent killer in Florida

UF researchers are screening people most at risk of Chagas in Florida to uncover undiagnosed cases.

Longer ballots reduce voter participation, study shows

A recent UF study shows that shows that when the candidate field is crowded, voters are more likely to sit out than turn out.

Survey reveals why people choose to visit Florida

A UF survey examined the various factors involved in visitor decision-making and found that social media plays a huge role in why people visit Florida.

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