UF Coral Gables consolidates services in Miami-Dade County

The University of Florida’s impact has been felt throughout the state, and especially in Miami-Dade County through current students, parents, alumni, research and program partnerships, and shared aspirations. Researchers and professors have worked side-by-side with area farmers, tourism officials, educators and other professionals to improve life in the area.

To consolidate some of the current activities there, a new office will open in Coral Gables in early spring 2017. UF Coral Gables will serve in part as a welcome center, with admissions staff on hand to cultivate students. The space will also accommodate academic leadership briefings, admissions recruitment seminars, the College of Education Lastinger Center for Learning and UF Online program activities, as well as a gathering space for engaging regional alumni and friends.

The UF Coral Gables Committee will provide further updates on the services provided through this location and the new possibilities UF Coral Gables will offer. If you have thoughts, questions or feedback, please contact UF Coral Gables Committee Chair and UF Advancement Chief Operations Officer Karen Rice at krice@uff.ufl.edu.