April 14, 2020

What is the difference between COVID-19 and the flu?

During this uncertain time, UF has emerged as an important source of information and truth in the area of public health. In the above video, Dr. Sonja J. Rasmussen, a professor in the department of pediatrics and epidemiology, answers questions about the difference between COVID-19 and the flu.

UF experts give tips on how to safely handle groceries and restaurant takeout

It’s a question many of us are asking. What is the safest way to handle groceries and restaurant takeout to minimize the possible spread of COVID-19? To help separate fact from fiction, professors Keith Schneider, Andrea Nikolai and Amy Simonne give tips on food safety.


Faculty Feature

UF veterinary professor gets creative simulating patient rounds

Alex Fox-Alvarez, an assistant professor at the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine, was quick to implement a system to make sure his veterinary students get the experience they need — even in an era of social distancing. Using videos, X-rays, pictures and his experience with video editing, Fox-Alvarez has devised an online strategy to emulate medical rounds and shared his work with universities around the country and in Canada.


Student Spotlight

UF Sophomore Kayla Kalhor earns second place in Jeopardy! College Championship semi-final

Jeopardy - Go Gators

UF sophomore Kayla Kalhor earned second place on Monday’s semi-final matchup of Jeopardy! College Championship, marking the end of the road for her on the popular game show. The UF community rallied around Kalhor, a chemistry major, who showcased her academic prowess and won $25,995 on the show.


UF Center for Arts in Medicine supports arts-based responses to COVID-19

Art can be a powerful tool for communicating public health information, and The Center for Arts and Medicine at UF is gathering resources to help people connect and cope. https://arts.ufl.edu/sites/creating-healthy-communities/covid-19-arts-response/arts-covid-19-response/

UF in the News

Natalie Dean, an assistant professor of biostatistics at UF, explains in the Washington Post how to conduct coronavirus research at pandemic speeds.


Dr. Joseph Adrian Tyndall, professor and interim dean at the UF College of Medicine, co-authored an opinion piece in @USATODAY on health disparities and coronavirus.


UF to update log-in screen this weekend

If you use a university-owned laptop or PC, don’t be alarmed when you see this text. The @UF log-in screen is being updated this weekend. We wanted to reassure faculty and staff that the notification is legitimate and it’s safe to accept/enter your GatorLink credentials.

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