GatorGradCare enrollment open for 2016-17 academic year

GatorGradCareGraduate assistants, teaching assistants and research assistants who will meet the eligibility requirements for GatorGradCare health insurance and would like to participate for the 2016-17 academic year mayenroll online at

Please note that GatorGradCare enrollment is not automatic.  All eligible graduate assistants, research assistants and teaching assistants, including returning students previously on GatorGradCare, must submit a 2016-17 enrollment request if they would like to be included under the plan.

The enrollment deadline for annual GatorGradCare coverage for the 2016-17 policy year is Sept. 14.  Eligibility requirements and plan information maybe found at

If you have questions about GatorGradCare enrollment or eligibility, please contact the GA Benefits Office at or (352) 392-0003.