Recent rulings impact application of veterans’ preference

recent ruings impact veteransThe Florida Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC) recently made some rulings that may have some impact on the way veteran preference is applied by public employers. PERC is instituted by Florida statute to resolve employment disputes on behalf of public employees. This includes veteran preference.

As stated in the statute, qualified veterans shall receive special considerations during the selection and retention process, provided the qualified veterans meet the position’s minimum requirements. The hiring authority is responsible for demonstrating when and how special considerations are applied to each veteran. At the University of Florida, this applies to recruitment for former USPS positions.

PERC recently made judgement on two cases and stated that an employer must:

  • Make an extra effort to contact a veteran for an interview
  • Reach out to the veteran if the veteran submits an incomplete or incorrect form for veteran preference
  • Provide preference to existing employees who are veterans and applying to positions that are open to the general public
  • Ensure an existing employee who is also a veteran not receive preference if the employee applies to a “UF employee only” search, unless the existing employee experienced redeployment while employed at UF

As a result of recent rulings, it is important for hiring authorities to provide special considerations to veterans appropriately. For more information on veterans, veteran qualifications and veteran preference, please visit For further assistance, please contact Recruitment and Staffing by emailing or calling (352) 392-2477.