Up Next for COMPASS: Changes to the Student Program Plan

Beginning Jan. 16, the Student Program Plan in the myUFL Student Information System (Campus Solutions) will become the official student record for both graduate and undergraduate student academic programs. The Student Program Plan includes student information such as the history of majors, minors, tracks and certificates. Undergraduate advisors will begin to update majors in the myUFL Student Information System (Campus Solutions) using the new CPP stack format starting on Jan. 16.

As this transition to the new system is implemented, existing security roles will be evaluated and used to grant access to the new system. Additions or changes to undergraduate minors, certificate programs and dual majors or degrees will continue to be done via the existing paper forms. These should be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar for processing, as is the current procedure.

At the graduate level, changes to graduate student majors, degrees, concentrations, minors and degree attributes (such as thesis/non-thesis) will be made via myUFL beginning Jan. 16. The Graduate Information Management System (GIMS) will still be used to maintain graduate student milestones, committees, theses/dissertations and other information currently maintained in this system.

Beginning Dec. 16, online and instructor-led training will be available for those who perform these functions. Information on the in-person training schedule will be available on the training section of the COMPASS website, and the online course will be available via myTraining.