Cost-per-print increase among changes coming to PrintSmart in August

Despite increase, program continues to save UF money

printsmart updateBeginning Aug. 1, the cost-per-print under the PrintSmart program will increase 5 percent, from .0137 to .0144 for black and white and from .0470 to .0494 for color. However, UF will continue to realize significant savings even with this increase, with costs remaining below benchmarked costs for similar programs.

Thanks to the PrintSmart program, UF has saved more than $2.4 million, with more than 1,388 PrintSmart devices installed on campus. These devices have an average uptime of more than 99 percent, and Xerox responds to service calls within four hours 97 percent of the time. Issues are resolved on the first visit 88 percent of the time.

PrintSmart was designed to reduce printing costs and to optimize the print environment by standardizing equipment and encouraging UF staff to share devices whenever possible. More than two years later, UF Procurement Services and Xerox have recently evaluated the efficacy and costs of the program. In addition to the cost-per-print increase, the following program changes will also take effect Aug. 1:

Equipment requests

Requests for PrintSmart equipment should be made using the PrintSmart webpage. Xerox will gather usage requirements and respond with a recommendation. Equipment installed in response to requests will be redeployed equipment from another UF department.

Underutilized equipment costs

A comparison of the 2012 projected usage as well as future-state designs made during the initial PrintSmart assessment against current installed PrintSmart volume shows that a considerable number of devices are not being utilized as anticipated.  In some cases, Xerox will be working with departments to downgrade or remove devices, or implement a monthly “convenience fee” for use of underutilized equipment.

Convenience fees will begin being assessed in October and be reflected on departments’ November invoices.  The convenience fee schedule may be found on the PrintSmart website. Device volumes will be evaluated at nine-month intervals, and if usage is appropriate, the convenience fee will be discontinued. The fee will be reinstated should volumes decrease. Impression fees will continue to apply.

The PrintSmart program continues to deliver outstanding value to UF departments. PrintSmart features include excellent cost-per-impression pricing, equipment monitoring, automatic dispatching of routine supplies, UFIT-approved security protocols, dedicated Xerox technicians and an online portal for reporting break/fix and supply needs.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact

More information about the PrintSmart program can be found on the PrintSmart website.