Material and supply fee requests now being accepted

Applications to establish or adjust material and supply fees as well as equipment use fees for the spring 2017 semester are now being accepted. All departmental requests should be submitted no later than Wednesday, Sept. 7, and dean’s approvals are due Wednesday, Sept. 21. Requests requiring provost approval must include an explicit approval by the dean — not a designee — and be submitted to the provost no later than Wednesday, Sept. 14.

Existing fees should be reviewed to determine if the appropriate fee is being charged to cover the resources needed. Amounts exceeding $50 per course for M&S Fees must be substantiated. A maximum of $30 per credit hour has been established for EU Fees. Exceptions to these maximums will need to be approved by the dean and submitted to the University Budget Office for subsequent review by the provost.

Please submit requests needing provost approval by no later than Sept. 14 to allow sufficient time for a 10-15 minute meeting with UF Provost Joe Glover for his approval. No requests requiring provost approval will be accepted after Sept. 14.

For more information, please see the full Administrative Memo.