New requirements for job data correction requests

job-data-correctionHuman Resource Services has recently updated the job data correction request form, available on the forms page of the HRS website. Administrators should be sure to read carefully as they complete the form, as there are new requirements. The form still requires Level 1 review and approval. Central HR will decide how best to respond to the request, as there are often several ways to accomplish a correction.

A manual job data correction is HRS’ last option, and if the submitted request can be completed through an ePAF action, the request will be denied. Once something is manually changed or removed from job data, there is no electronic history or audit trail, which is why every request is considered very carefully and only as a last resort. Be sure to include your phone number on the form so HRS can contact you if there are any questions regarding your request. If you have any questions about the updated form or the process, please contact Recruitment and Staffing at or (352) 392-2477.