Connected by UF Conference aims to “Keep it Real”

On May 11 and 12, 2021, UF will host an inaugural event designed to help multiple UF communities connect via peer-to-peer professional development. Sponsored by Gator Business Administrator Services (GBAS), Connected by UF, or CxUF, will provide UF business and research administrators as well as UF leaders opportunities to connect, learn and share best practices.

Over the course of two days, CxUF will provide professional development for financial, human resources, research and academic professionals with session topics falling under the conference’s theme of “Keeping It Real.” Sessions will cover:

  • The current environment at UF
  • Ideas and solutions about ways to manage and refine processes
  • Challenges and potential solutions
  • Real data and outcomes

The program committee has invited proposals for the 2021 conference, which are due Jan. 8. Two proposal preparation guidance sessions are being offered Dec. 11 and 16.

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