New strategic communications academy coming this spring Applications are due Nov. 30

Communication skills are fundamental to building credibility, establishing prominence and creating effective collaborations. With this in mind, the UF College of Journalism and Communications and UF Training & Organizational Development are introducing a new professional development program that will provide participants a unique opportunity to elevate their strategic thinking and communication skills.

Designed for faculty and staff in leadership positions or for thought leaders in their fields of study, this eight-month program will help participants improve their professional performance by using evidence-based communications strategies rooted in psychology, sociology, neuroscience, political science and communications science. Participants will learn to:

  • Hone storytelling skills to inspire support for a department’s mission and vision
  • Develop a strategic communications framework
  • Write with confidence, clarity and charisma
  • Create memorable and compelling presentations worthy of the TED stage
  • Facilitate high-stakes meetings with “influentials,” such as high-level administrators, policy makers and funders
  • Interact with the news media to build credibility and call people to action
  • Think quickly when faced with challenging communication scenarios
  • Leverage social media to develop a meaningful digital network
  • Build a culture of commitment—rather than just compliance

This program will meet once a month (April through December of 2017) for engaging learning activities, coaching sessions with UF communications experts and professional networking. Participants who successfully complete the series will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Applicants must be UF faculty members or exempt staff members with at least two years in a management/leadership or decision-making role at the University of Florida or have a record of thought leadership in a given field. The two years of experience criterion is waived for employees at the assistant director level and above as well as faculty.  The fee to participate is $1,490, which includes all materials, facilitation fees and meals.

To learn more and to complete the online application form, due Nov. 30, please visit the program website.