Participation in 2015-16 training programs reflects university’s commitment to professional development


The University of Florida is committed to providing UF faculty and staff with the professional development opportunities they need to continue and elevate their excellence. In the past fiscal year alone:

  • A total of 136,057 training completions were recorded for UF T&OD-sponsored workshops.
  • Of that number, 11,499 were in instructor-led sessions and 124,558 were online completions – including training provided by T&OD’s compliance training partners.
  • Another 15,324 completions of the university’s online Preventing Harassment session were recorded. This course is designed to help ensure the university is a safe place to work and learn.
  • More than 2,935 completions were recorded for the “Managing at UF: Supervisory Challenge” curriculum. Managing people for peak performance is central to the university’s ability to succeed.
  • More than 15,613 training completions were recorded for the Pro3 series, a multi-class certification designed to increase understanding of fiscal management, HR/payroll management or academic department support. The series is based on identified competencies needed by administrative professionals at UF.

Our efforts reflect the contributions not only of the training participants who have committed to improving themselves in support of the institution, but also of the many subject matter experts who facilitate sessions and give of themselves to ensure information is more widely available about the university’s business processes.