Registration open for UF Training & Organizational Development’s fall roster of courses

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UF Training & Organizational Development provides a range of personal and professional development opportunities to help faculty and staff improve their effectiveness, achieve their goals and make a positive impact. Faculty and staff can take courses to earn certifications in several areas of professional development through the Managing at UF, Business Communications or Pro3 certifications.


In addition, featured courses and opportunities for the fall semester include:

  • The Managers Cohort—The cohort provides UF supervisors a unique opportunity to complete the “Managing at UF” certificate with a cohort of peers. The cohort can provide managers with a forum in which to discuss issues related to leadership and management with other leaders on campus. If you are a manager and would like to take part in this program, you may apply online. Managers who apply for the cohort option will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that space is limited.
  • GET080 Attitude: Radiating Possibility—Does attitude really have an effect on personal and professional success? In this session, participants can learn how to transform old attitudes of negativity and doubt into new attitudes of engagement and focus that allow them to see all of the very real and exciting possibilities awaiting them. Past participants described the course as “dynamic” and “eye-opening about how our attitude affects our work and relationships.”  Click here to register for “Attitude: Radiating Possibility.”
  • SCS015 The New Manager—Are you a new manager in need of some guidance from those who have been there and done that? You’re not alone. According to, one in four new managers feels unprepared to make the jump to management and more than half of new managers don’t receive any training to help them with the transition. But it doesn’t have to be that way… “The New Manager” workshop will help you to navigate the transition from individual contributor to manager, recognize common mistakes of new managers, and reflect on your strengths and areas for growth in your management role. One past participant stated, “I walked into the classroom with a general idea of management, but walked away with a lot of strategies and ideas of how I can motivate others and improve my own practices.” Click here to register for “The New Manager.”
  • SCS110 From Manager to Motivator—Bring out the best in your team! Is your team motivated and engaged? While motivation comes from within the individual, there’s a lot supervisors can do to encourage (or discourage) their team’s motivation and engagement. This class looks at motivational factors in the workplace and provides specific suggestions for things you can do to bring out the best in the people around you. Past participants described the course as “applicable to anyone,” “useful in multiple areas of life,” and encouraging “confidence that motivating employees could be done.” Click here to register for “From Manager to Motivator.”

For more information on UF T&OD offerings, visit the HRS  website or navigate directly to myTraining.