UF Training & Organizational Development launches Leadership@UF website

UF Training & Organizational Development (T&OD) has introduced a new website to support leadership development at the University of Florida. The launch of the site represents one way UFHR is demonstrating its strategic commitment to achieving preeminence through people by improving leadership capabilities throughout the organization so that great leadership becomes synonymous with UF and its high-performing faculty, staff and teams.

The Leadership@UF site features leadership development resources offered by T&OD, including professional development programs, the Leadership Toolkit and Organizational Development services as well as information on the UF Leadership Model, which serves as the foundation of leadership development at UF.

Among the new site’s features are:

  • A new design layout and graphics for improved site navigation.
  • A clear connection between UF’s Leadership Model, its related competencies and behaviors, and the Leadership Toolkit.
  • Easy access to all of T&OD’s leadership development programs with information to help you choose the right one for your own leadership development stage and aspirations.
  • A reorganized Leadership Toolkit with clear connections between the Leadership Model and resources as well as easy access to job aids, media, curriculum support and suggested readings.
  • The ability to subscribe to the podcast, Reflections on Leadership, via RSS feed or iTunes.
  • A full menu of all of T&OD’s Organizational Development offerings with information on how the OD team can support University of Florida leaders’ efforts to reach UF’s aspiration and goals.
  • A Connect page to sign up for the leadership newsletter or contact the team.

Visit Leadership@UF and see how the resources have been updated and organized for easy navigation and access.