Annual performance appraisals for TEAMS and USPS employees due March 31

Annual performance appraisalsThis month, departments throughout campus begin to prepare for the annual performance appraisal period. The standard evaluation period for all USPS and TEAMS employees is March 1, 2015, through Feb. 29, 2016, with appraisals completed and signed by March 31, 2016.

Annual performance appraisals are designed to document and summarize feedback that employees have received throughout the year. Feedback through formal performance appraisals is important to employees and can affect various personnel-related actions. Supervisors should give priority to completing performance appraisals.

Additionally, this is a good time to review position descriptions and to make updates to reflect any changes that have occurred.

When completing a performance appraisal, a supervisor should focus on the job performance (an employee’s competence or ability to perform the job) and work-related behavior (the way in which the employee performs the job), using specific language and examples of work performance or behavior observed throughout the evaluative period. Performance and development goals should also be identified for the future.

Two forms are used to evaluate TEAMS and USPS employees:

Both forms require that an overall rating be assigned using the categories provided on the form and that the rating be consistent with any evaluative comments provided. Appraisal forms also include an outside activities disclosure section. Employees must check the applicable section and submit appropriate documentation if they engage in any outside activities and financial interests.

A few important reminders:

  • Supervisors must ensure they use the appropriate HRS forms for their employees (TEAMS Non-Exempt, USPS Non-Exempt, and USPS Exempt or TEAMS Exempt).
  • Employee UFID numbers and complete, correct full names (proper first and last name, not nicknames) should be included.
  • Employees must date documents when signing or indicate that they do not wish to sign.
  • If an appraisal will result in an overall rating of “minimally achieves” or “below performance standards,” supervisors should contact their Employee Relations office before the evaluation is issued to receive assistance with the appropriate documentation.
  • The completed appraisal must be issued to the employee, signed and dated by March 31.
  • Employees who have been employed for fewer than 60 days, are in the probationary period of employment or whose probationary evaluation was completed after Jan. 1, 2016, do not need to be evaluated at this time.

Performance appraisal forms are available on the Employee Relations section of the HRS website. Completed appraisals should be mailed to Human Resource Services, Attn: Employee Relations, PO Box 110281. Questions should be directed to Human Resource Services at (352) 392-2477. Forms that are not completed fully or accurately will be returned to the department for corrections, which could result in delayed processing.

Employee Relations assistance is available at (352) 392-4777 for IFAS, (352) 392-3786 for the Health Science Center, (352) 392-2333 for the Physical Plant, and (352) 392-6615 for E&G and Auxiliaries.