Are you retiring soon?

are your retiringEmployee retirement actions entered in the myUFL system are reported to the State of Florida and PeopleFirst, and retirees are automatically enrolled in state retiree health coverage.  This is a one-time acceptance opportunity; retiree health insurance premiums must be accepted and paid by the due date or retiree coverage is forfeited permanently.

If you are currently enrolled in GatorCare, are planning a retirement action, and want retiree health coverage, you must be actively enrolled in a state health plan prior to formal retirement action.  Contact UF Benefits for assistance with terminating GatorCare coverage to permit a qualifying status change event for enrollment in state coverage.

The State Division of Retirement coordinates retirement distributions/pension benefits directly with employees. By state statute, an employee who retires under a state retirement plan cannot be rehired in a compensated position for at least 7 months from the date of distribution or disbursement of pension benefits.  In special circumstances, with proper administrative approval, OPS employment may be permitted immediately after a retirement action, provided the member has not taken a distribution or pension benefit from the State.

If you have questions, please contact UF Benefits at (352) 392-2477 or