Be sure to use your personal days by June 30

If you have unused 2018–2019 TEAMS or faculty personal leave days or a USPS personal holiday, the last day to use them is June 30, which is fiscal year end.

You can see if you have personal leave time to be used on the View Leave Balances page on myUFL.

Select the most recent pay period end date by clicking on it in the drop-down box. USPS employees should look for an ending balance for “USPS Hol” to determine if they have the 2018–2019 personal holiday available to them. TEAMS and faculty employees should look for “TMSFacPer” and check the ending balance. If there is a balance, it should be used by June 30.

What is a personal holiday?

A personal holiday is a one-day holiday awarded to USPS employees each fiscal year. It must be taken in a full-day increment. The new fiscal year personal holiday for USPS employees will be awarded July 1 and available for use after July 15.

What are personal leave days?

TEAMS/faculty personal leave days are the four days awarded to TEAMS employees and faculty members during the UF holiday closing period that occurs annually during Dec. 26–31. If you were off from work Dec. 26–31, 2018, you likely have already used your personal leave benefit. If you were considered essential and required to work part or all of the holiday closing period, your record should reflect a personal leave balance.

Personal days are provided in addition to any sick or vacation leave that is accrued. Sick and vacation leave does not expire at the end of the fiscal year.

If you have questions or concerns about your personal leave balance, contact your departmental payroll or HR staff member for assistance, or contact the Benefits team at or (352) 392-2477.