Changes announced to weekend and holiday on-call rate

UF Human Resources recently announced the implementation of changes to the weekend and holiday on-call rate that will simplify the implementation of the university’s on-call and callback policy.

During off-duty hours, an employee who is required to carry a mobile communications device or leave word of where they can be reached and is required to respond to emergency signals or calls is considered on-call. Callback pay occurs when an employee is “called back” to perform work beyond the employee’s scheduled hours of work for that day, a minimum payment may be required.

Effective March 1, the on-call rate for employees who are assigned on-call on Saturday, Sunday and/or a university holiday or official closing will change to a flat rate of one-third of the university’s minimum wage.

UF’s new minimum wage for hourly TEAMS and USPS employees is $12 per hour, which results in a weekend and holiday on-call rate of $4 per hour.

UFHR, in partnership with UF Payroll and Tax Services and UFIT, is working to automate the on-call weekend and holiday time reporting code. For now, departments will continue to enter on-call using the existing process, but with a flat rate of $4 per hour. UFHR will provide additional communication once system changes are implemented to automate the weekend and holiday time reporting code.

In the event that current employees see a reduction in the on-call rate they currently receive, departments—with appropriate approval—may provide a special pay increase to offset reductions in on-call earnings employees may experience.

This update does not affect employee eligibility, and the implementation of on-call pay must be approved by the appropriate vice president for the college or administrative unit.

As is customary, employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) will be compensated in a manner consistent with their respective CBA.

Additional information regarding the on-call and callback policy is found in the Classification and Compensation section of the UFHR website. Detailed instructions about entering and adjusting time can be found in the Time and Labor Toolkit.

If you have questions regarding the on-call and callback policy, please contact Classification & Compensation at