Check out T&OD’s fall professional development offerings

Registration for UF Training & Organizational Development’s (T&OD) fall courses is now open!

The team is pleased to offer a broad range of professional development opportunities for fall 2019 designed specifically to help UF faculty and staff learn and achieve.

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Of note is the new course “TRV011 Compassionate Communication in the Workplace,” which will be held on Sept. 18, 1:30–4:30 p.m., in Sunshine Skyway on East Campus. The course will help you explore what influences your interactions with others and provide specific tools to discern what motivates people’s actions and communicate more effectively.

Led by Leif Stringer, a resource counselor in the UF Levin College of Law, the course is designed to give you time to explore the concepts, discuss ways to apply compassionate communication to your specific work environment and practice with a skilled expert. You’ll also have the opportunity to personalize the learning materials to use in your own work environment. The course is part of both the Thrive@UF and Gators Together certificate programs.

Here’s what a few members of T&OD who have previewed the course had to say about it:

“Compassionate Communication changed the way I think about communication for the better. After taking this course, I have been able to reframe the way I look at what people are asking me and what I’m asking of others. This has been applicable in both my professional and personal life. This course has provided me with language to interpret what is underlying interpersonal conflict and ways to address it.”
-Brandon Telg, instructional designer

“This course helped me to reflect on the ways I communicate with others and how to strengthen relationships through better connection. The strategies I learned can be applied to so many different situations both at work and in life.”
-Rebecca Younglove, leadership development professional

“We’re excited to have Leif Stringer’s expertise as part of the Thrive@UF program. This is a professional development series focused on the universal competencies for success at UF, meaning anyone at the university whether faculty or staff can benefit. One of the major pillars of this program is communications excellence, and Leif’s skillset in helping people interact in a more compassionate and constructive way is essential for building the types of collaborative relationships that will bring about our best work as members of a diverse community. Informative, interactive and fun, this course gives you a great toolkit for developing greater empathy and navigating a range of challenging conversations we sometimes experience at work.”
-Scott Blades, assistant director

A harmonious and connected workplace makes day-to-day tasks easier and enhances the level of enjoyment we experience at work, so learn more and register here today!

Keep an eye out for an interview with Stringer in the next issue of UF at Work.