Checklist for shutting down office technology during holiday closing period

In advance of the holiday closing period, please be sure to check the recommendations below for shutting down office devices, including computers, printers, appliances and others.


In general, staff and faculty should check with their unit’s IT staff for specific shut-down recommendations or to assist with computer sleep settings. However, Technology Support Services-supported employees are encouraged to leave their computers plugged in but turned off using the ‘shut down’ option through the operating system.

Computer peripherals such as scanners, speakers and desktop printers should be turned off and unplugged.


Cisco IP Phones are centrally controlled, so employees can leave them plugged in and do not need to take any additional actions.


PrintSmart devices should be left plugged in and turned on during the break. This will ensure connectivity with the Xerox system, allowing supplies to be dispatched automatically and meter reads to take place on a timely basis. Most PrintSmart devices have a Bronze or better EPEAT rating and the equipment can be remotely adjusted to ensure sleep modes are utilized during prolonged idle periods. For additional information, visit the PrintSmart web portal or contact the PrintSmart team at with any questions.

Small Appliances

Turn off and unplug any small appliances such as microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, etc.

Before you leave

Don’t forget to turn off all lights and close window shades/blinds, especially if you are the last person to leave the office before the break. Be sure to report any plumbing or electrical issues to Work Management as soon as possible.