Did you know? UF has policies on lobbying state officials and posting fliers

UF at Work wants to remind you about important university policies regarding lobbying and posting printed materials on campus.

Political action or “lobbying” can be defined as attempting to persuade state government officials via any medium. As citizens, all individuals have free speech rights that allow them to lobby government officials regarding public issues; however, as state employees, all UF faculty and staff are under more stringent requirements and the courts have placed some restrictions on free speech. The university’s policy on lobbying is intended to protect both UF and employees. Read the guidelines here.

UF also has a regulation regarding the appropriate methods of distribution of printed materials on campus. Of specific note, in order to reduce litter and in keeping with UF’s sustainability efforts, fliers and other materials may not be left unattended in any locations on campus other than public bulletin boards intended for such purposes. Learn more.