Don’t get scammed: Be aware (and beware) of phishing attempts

The beginning of the year can be a busy time for everyone, and cybercriminals know that. Scammers often distribute phony emails with dangerous links designed to steal information, like UF research data or student records, or even change where your paycheck is deposited.

Phishing links take you to a website set up by cybercriminals. If you get an email warning you that you’re out of email storage or that you need to update your account, for example, before clicking be sure to hover over the link embedded in that email to check the address. If you are suspicious of the web address, do not click. This tactic is a very common phishing attack. All data have value on the dark web, and cybercriminals are looking to profit from it.

Please note that no one from UF will ever ask for your GatorLink password — by email, phone or in person. Even your local IT support or the UF Computing Help Desk staff will never ask for this.

If you are unsure whether an email received in your UF account is legitimate, contact UF’s Information Security Office at or (352) 273-1344. Anyone who thinks they have clicked on a phishing link should immediately change their GatorLink password. Assistance changing GatorLink passwords is available 24/7 from the UF Computing Help Desk (352-392-HELP/4357). Your local IT support can offer additional advice on phishing precautions, as well as help you select secure storage options for your research, teaching and learning, and administrative activities.