Eligibility details provided for 2018-2019 Pay Program

Last month, UF President Kent Fuchs announced an incentive plan for one-time performance payments for UF faculty and staff (TEAMS and USPS) and an increase in the university’s minimum wage.

This year, UF has set an aggregate performance payment pool of 4 percent to be distributed as one-time payments, with individual one-time payments ranging from zero to more than 4 percent. These payments will be awarded based on criteria established by the colleges and units and will be paid on Dec. 21, 2018. In addition, Fuchs approved an increase in the minimum wage for TEAMS and USPS positions; as of July 1, the minimum wage increased from $12 to $13 per hour.

Compensation plans for employees in a bargaining unit are subject to union negotiation, and UFHR is committed to working with unions to reach agreement for covered employees. An agreement has been reached with AFSCME (which impacts USPS employees). Participation in the payment pool for College of Medicine-Gainesville faculty will be in accordance with the college’s faculty compensation plan.

Criteria for performance payments

In addition to meeting any criteria established by their work units, to be eligible for the one-time performance payments, employees must be on payroll as of June 30, 2018. Employees who have received notification of non-renewal, layoff or ending of a time-limited appointment are not eligible for the one-time performance payments, nor are employees who have received discipline since Jan. 1, 2018, in the form of a written reprimand or suspension. Additionally, faculty who are currently on a performance improvement plan are not eligible.

How the payments will be funded

For state-funded positions, the 4 percent performance payment pool will be allocated based on filled positions using funding distributions identified by the units in the Budget Prep System as of June 2018 and will include an adjustment for the July 1, 2018, minimum wage increase. Contract, grant and auxiliary units are expected to fund all salary increases from existing sources.

The Office of Research, along with the Office of the General Counsel, has determined that one-time performance payments to employees cannot be charged to a research contract or grant. Funds 211 and 212 may be used to provide the one-time performance payments, provided the individual is assigned to research. Any distributions from the 211 and 212 funds must be proportional to the individual’s assigned research. For example, if an individual’s FTE is assigned 50 percent to research, 50 percent of the one-time performance payment could be charged to the 211 or 212 funds. If funds are not available from the 211 or 212 fund, the unit will need to identify another appropriate funding source for these payments.

FAQs may be found on the Classification and Compensation section of the UFHR website. Individuals or departments with questions can contact Classification and Compensation at (352) 273-2842 or email salaryincrease@ufl.edu.