Have a healthy summer!

UF-UF Health’s Well@Work quarter focuses on ergonomic principles and work-life balance. View the flier to find links to resources as well as details about a 14-day challenge to build resilience and manage stress, volunteer opportunities and more.

The next Wellness Wednesday, titled “Boost: Transform Your Energy,” will be held Aug. 1 at noon (HR Building, 903 West University Ave., Room 120) and will feature Morgan Papworth, wellness coordinator for GatorCare. Papworth will discuss how to recharge ourselves in a world that can feel distracting and overconnected. The presentation will outline an energy management solution, based on intentional work breaks, to transform the way you work and boost your energy levels all day long.

Do you have a nutrition question or need help sorting through various food advertising claims? Are you confused about what it means to eat healthy? Now you can submit a question to GatorCare’s registered dietitian through the “Ask the Dietitian” web form. You can also learn about brain health, get tips for breaking out of an exercise rut and check out a recipe for salmon cakes in the July issue of Better You.

Lastly, NAMI Basics—a community class sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Health for parents/guardians who have children or teens with extreme attitude or behavior issues or diagnoses of ADHD, depression, bipolar or other mental health disorders—begins July 19. The class is offered in a group setting and will share facts about mental health conditions and how best to support your child at home, school and when he or she is getting medical care. Classes will be held on six consecutive Thursday evenings, from 6:30 to 9 p.m., at the Dr. Banks and Dr. Cosby Youth Empowerment Center. There is no fee, but registration is required. Learn more here, or call (352) 374-5600 x8322 or email info@namigainesville.org to register.