Having trouble viewing People First website? You may need to clear your cache

Published: May 28, 2019 10:30 am

During the Memorial Day weekend, People First applied several technical updates to its system to ensure it is functioning on the latest technology available. Part of these updates included an upgrade to the HTML 5 code base that People First is built on. These updates were applied to ensure the People First system continues to be accessible using multiple browsers and devices.

The updates will require some users to clear their Internet browser cache. If you experience a white screen when attempting to access the People First log-in page or after entering your People First log-in ID and password, please clear your cache, close your browser, relaunch the browser and log in. Please note that your browsing experience may be a little slower the first time you log in after clearing your cache while the cache is rebuilt in your browsing history.

To clear your cache on the following browsers, following these steps:

  • Chrome: Go to Settings > Advanced > Clear Browsing Data. Close browser (ALL SESSIONS), reopen and try again.
  • Internet Explorer: Go to Tools > Internet Options > Settings > View Files. Then select and delete ALL files. Close browser (ALL SESSIONS), reopen and try again.
  • Firefox: Go to Options > Privacy & Security. Under Cookies and Site Data, select Clear Data (make sure both boxes are checked) and select Clear. Close browser (ALL SESSIONS), reopen and try again.
  • Microsoft Edge: Go to Settings and select Choose What to Clear. Make sure Browsing History, Cookies and saved website data, Cached data and files, and Download history are all checked, and then select Clear. Close browser (ALL SESSIONS), reopen and try again.


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