Interested in the Employee Education Program? Be sure to verify upcoming application and approval deadlines

The Spring 2020 UF Employee Education Program (EEP) deadlines are quickly approaching. UF faculty and staff who wish to take college courses through the Employee Education Program (EEP) during the spring semester must adhere to application, approval and registration deadlines on the UF EEP website.

The UF EEP is an opportunity funded by university resources that enables full-time TEAMS, Academic Personnel and USPS employees who have been employed for at least six months to receive tuition assistance for up to six credit hours of eligible college-level courses per semester.  If you are interested in taking courses this spring, be sure to visit the EEP website today to verify the program’s policy, eligibility criteria, application submission and approval deadlines, and course registration guidelines.

Please note that the EEP application process does not replace the University of Florida admissions or registration process. Any employee interested in participating should review the institution’s admissions policies and procedures and EEP requirements in order to ensure proper enrollment for courses and successful EEP application processing. Employees who take classes during their regularly scheduled work hours should plan to flex their work hours to accommodate the time away from work; class time is not considered time worked.

Allow time for supervisory approval during the application process

EEP participant applications must be submitted and receive the participant’s supervisor and/or his or her department chair, division head or director’s online approval before 5 p.m. on the established EEP application approval deadline. Deadlines are listed at the top of each checklist found on the EEP website. UF EEP participation is based on space available, per state regulation; therefore, EEP participants may not register or be registered by their department or program for EEP funded courses before 8 a.m. on the established start date of the EEP registration period.  

Course Selection
Please note that the EEP does not permit enrollment in thesis, dissertation, internships, directed individual study, individual performance courses, non-credit courses, sponsored-credit courses, off-book programs, correspondence courses and some distance education course offerings.

Students enrolling at UF must verify courses are approved for the EEP by completing the following steps:

  1. Visit the University Registrar’s Schedule of Courses Once here, click on the course listings link under the term you would like to take courses.
  2. Look for the column titled “EEP” in the course listings. Courses marked “EEP: Yes” are eligible for coverage by the EEP program.
  3. Students should list the course(s) they intend to enroll in and include alternate courses in the event those courses are full. The Employee Education Program will cover up to six credit hours per semester from this list of the student’s primary and alternate choices.

Questions? Email or call (352) 392-4626.