Making the EEP application process easier

Through a collaboration with the Office of the Registrar and Associate Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs Chris Hass, UF’s Employee Education Program (EEP) director approval deadline will now be five days prior to the drop/add with fee liability date.

Previously, the director approval application deadline was the day after the drop/add with fee liability date. The director approval action routes EEP applications to the registrar for review and funding approval. Under the previous structure, there was not time allowed for EEP participants or administrators to identify and resolve issues with EEP applications before students were responsible for tuition. Additionally, this placed fee liability on EEP students before their director was required to approve or deny the EEP application.

Effective fall 2019, the new director approval deadline structure will allow the registrar’s office time to review applications before the drop/add with fee liability date. The new structure also allows EEP participants the opportunity to drop EEP registered courses if they decide not to utilize EEP for that semester before the drop/add with fee liability deadline.

“This is a win for the UF EEP student experience and the collective EEP administrative offices,” said Verlissa Ford, education coordinator for UF Training & Organizational Development, who oversees the program. “The Office of the Registrar has expressed a high level of support and excitement about this process improvement.”

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