OPS Job Code file to close June 8

Last month, UF Human Resources introduced 10 new job codes to bring clarity to UF’s non-student hourly temporary workforce. An OPS OnTarget job code file was opened on May 21 and will close on June 8.

Department administrators have been asked to change job codes for existing non-student OPS hourly employees to the new job codes. Those with the security role of UF_EPAF_Department Admin or UF_EPAF_Level 1 Approver have access to the file, which captures all active non-student OPS hourly appointments across the university.

To access the file in the myUFL system, administrators with access may use the following navigation:

Main Menu > Human Resources > Workforce Administration > UF OnTarget

A guide with definitions and examples of the new job code categories can be found on the Jobs and Position Actions Toolkit.

Questions? Please contact UFHR Classification and Compensation at (352) 273-2842 or compensation@ufl.edu.