Protect your information: Enroll in two-factor authentication today


By now, everyone is familiar with the added steps we take to protect our information when buying gas or logging into our bank accounts. As attempted account compromises continue to affect University of Florida employees, the university is taking additional security measures to help safeguard employees’ personal information as well as their work.

In an effort to further protect its faculty, staff and affiliates from phishing and other cybersecurity attacks, the University of Florida has introduced a two-factor authentication process for web applications that utilize UF web login accounts and for using VPN. Faculty and staff may now enroll in the new two-factor service, commercially known as “Duo Security,” by visiting UF’s Two-Factor Authentication website.

Two-factor authentication provides an added layer of security to supplement the Gatorlink username and password authentication process you are already accustomed to using to log in. After logging in using your Gatorlink username and password as you always have, you will be asked to provide an additional verification. Most people will find it convenient to download the Duo Mobile app, which can be added to your smartphone, although other options of authentication will also be available.

The two-factor authentication process for UF will look familiar to anyone who has used similar methods to access their bank accounts, retirement accounts or other secure online environments.

Questions or concerns about Two-Factor Authentication? Contact your department’s IT professional staff, the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP or or the UF Health Computing Help Desk at (352) 265-0526.