Protect Yourself from Ransomware

protect yourself ransomwareDid you know hackers can lock you out of your computer or even encrypt it, and then hold your computer and its files for ransom? This type of malware is called Ransomware, and it forces victims to make an online payment to end the attack.

Criminals can infect your computer in many ways, including phony antivirus software or convincing phishing emails. Malware can also be downloaded onto a computer without the user’s knowledge after visiting a website. Consider using a verification tool like McAfee SiteAdvisor to bolster your defense against Ransomware. A couple of reminders for all Gators: Make sure your device’s antivirus program is always up-to-date and keep Internet browsers and software current as well.   This article, recommended by UF’s Information Security Office, provides more helpful tips on how to avoid being the victim of a Ransomware attack.