Records Management Training now available

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of those old files in your filing cabinet? Are you feeling burdened by that stack of paper on your desk that you keep meaning to deal with? Do you ever wish you could attend a brief online training that teaches you about appropriately managing and disposing of your records?

If so, you’re in luck! Available now in myTraining, “Records Management at the University of Florida” introduces you to all of the records management policies, procedures and resources you need to know. You’ll learn more about the records management life cycle, guidelines for the destruction or preservation of university records, and how to think about the maintenance and use of records more thoughtfully.

As a public agency, the University of Florida and its employees are required to document the disposal of public records as stipulated by Florida’s Public Records Law (Chapter 119) and Public Records Scheduling and Disposition (Chapter 1B-24, F.A.C.). It is everyone’s responsibility to adhere to this and other legislation, as well as university policy and procedure.

Please see the Records Management website or contact University Records Manager Sara Kiszka at or (352) 273-2678 for more information.

Story submitted by Barbara Hood, University Libraries director of Communications