Travel to Cuba now authorized without government approval

recent administrative memo cubaIn a UF Administrative Memo dated March 16, Provost Joe Glover and Leonardo Villalon, dean of the UF International Center, clarified some of the recent changes in policy regarding travel to Cuba:

Many restrictions on travel to Cuba have been lifted since the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with the United States.  Travel for a wide array of academic purposes—including research, conference participation, professional meetings and study abroad—is now authorized under a “General License” which requires no prior government approval. Since the removal of Cuba from the US government’s list of “State sponsors of terrorism,” UF funds normally acceptable for travel to other countries may also be used for travel to Cuba.  The US embargo on trade with Cuba, however, remains in effect. This embargo restricts the items that you are permitted to take when traveling to Cuba. 

UF faculty and staff who are considering travel to Cuba in the near future are advised to read the Administrative Memo carefully. Links to additional information and resources are provided.