UF Mindfulness practice group “360° Mindfulness” sessions resume

The UF Mindfulness Practice Group “360° Mindfulness” is offered to the UF community—including faculty, post-docs, staff and students—at no cost. Mindfulness practice has shown emotional, cognitive, physiological, spiritual, health and well-being benefits. Weekly sessions are one hour-long and held throughout the fall semester.

The schedule for the practice group can be found here. The group meets in the Counseling and Wellness Center in Peabody Hall’s Mind-Body Room located on the fourth floor. Sessions are taught by members of the UF Mindfulness team and guest teachers. With this group, the team aims to build a community of mindfulness practitioners who share an interest to practice and learn about mindfulness.

UF faculty and staff are encouraged to drop in as time allows. You can also register for the group at https://mindfulness.ufl.edu/index.php/training/ to gain access to the accompanying 360° Mindfulness group website with guided meditations, mind-body practices and resource materials.

Details about 360° Mindfulness can be found at https://mindfulness.ufl.edu/index.php/training. More information about the UF Mindfulness program can be found at https://mindfulness.ufl.edu/.